Flow Line Construction, Inc. works within the Public, Private and Industrial Sector and is involved in challenging projects requiring greater and more stringent controls. Our company has proudly completed a vast array of projects with a focus primarily on wet utilities, earthwork and paving.

The services we provide are as follows:

  • Sanitary Sewers: small diameter (PVC) collectors to large diameter (FRP) interceptors.
  • Water Mains: small diameter (PVC) distribution lines to large diameter (RCCP) transmission mains.
  • Storm Sewer Drainage Pipe and Culvert Installation – Precast reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) and Precast Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert (RCB).
  • Grading & Earthwork: Land clearing, roadway grading & sub-grade stabilization.
  • Trenchless Construction: Pipe Bursting, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Jack and Bore, Tunneling
  • Paving: Reinforced Concrete Paving and Asphalt Paving.
  • Alternate Delivery: Design Build Pursuits. Constructability Analysis, Utility relocation consulting and estimating.